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Bilingual Marketing Sales and marketing approaches that connect equally effectively with both male and female customers and end-users. An example would be the iphone a bilingual product whose mass customer base is made up of men and women in equal measure. This in contrast to the pink phones that telecoms operators produced for what they considered the womens segment. Gender Asbestos A metaphor to describe the reality in most companies. The ratio of women relative to men begins to drop relatively early on in careers creating a gender imbalance in senior management and leadership. This differs from the more commonly used term glass ceiling which gives the impression that women only face obstacles at the top of organisations. This misperception affects the policies put into place to remedy it. Critical Mass The level at which any minority is no longer seen as one usually considered to be somewhere around 30. In companies therefore it is better to have at least 30 of either gender across all functions and levels rather than having 80 women in staff functions and 80 men in operational roles. Gender Neutrality The ability to make all communications and policies inside organisations inclusive of all men and women without focusing particularly on one gender or the other which often creates a backlash. So for example replacing maternity issues with parental issues and worklife balance for women with flexibility for all... In other words allow men to be human too. The fastest way to get women into leadership is to enable men to have personal lives. Now that would really be leveling the playing field.