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Avivah Wittenberg-Cox One Key to Gender Balance 20-First Century Leadership One Key to Gender Balance 20-First Century Leadership Avivah Wittenberg-Cox 2016 Published by 20-first Publishers ISBN 978-0-9935463-1-0 The world is changing... fast 21st Century Shifts Where the rise of women is one of the four world-changing Ws Web Technological revolution changes how we make buy and distribute... everything. Weather Climate change forces adaptations in sourcing production and distribution. World Multi-polar world demands multi-cultural mindsets and understanding. Women Massive arrival of women into labour force and consumer base creates huge new opportunities. Companies need to broaden their vision to become more... gender bilingual as the world rebalances Women are now most of the talent... 60of global graduates are now female 80 ...and much of the market of consumer goods purchasing decisions are made by women Not only... Clothes Food and Cosmetics But also... Technology Real Estate Financial Services and Cars China India Women Markets The Common view Markets The Reality Women China India Today Gender Balance is not a nice to have... DO Its or... DIE do is better Where Are You Gender Balance is a Journey A simple metric speaks volumes the gender balance of a companys Executive Committee. A pretty good measure of the priority companies have given the issue over the past 20 years. No balance. Exclusively male executive team Token 1 woman in a staff function Starting Smart 1 woman in an operational role Progressing 15 minimum of both genders Critical mass 25 minimum of both genders 40 minimum of both genders But. the problem isPass it on .. Most traditional approaches DONT W RK O Mis-Framing the Agenda With gender its how companies frame the issue that creates or not a culture of change. The rise of women is like the rise of China. It is profoundly transformational not just for the women or the Chinese involved. But for every country company and couple on the planet. 1 HR issue Nice to have Socially good Women in leadership Diversity dimension Led by women for women Or 2 Strategic priority Business issue Stronger teams Better insights Satisfied customers Innovation CEO-led Management accountability Fixing the Women Most companies think that the lack of gender balance in senior roles is a womens issue. The underlying question behind almost all the work done in this space can be summarized as Whats the matter with women that they are not making it to the top Lets help them... And help them we have for decades. The dominant approach to the lack of gender balance in most companies is to unleash a suite of fix the women initiatives focused exclusively on women. Men appear only as champions but are rarely in any way responsible or accountable for the imbalance that exists and persists. The results standing here in the early 21st century have been underwhelming. Most companies and more managers are frustrated at the lack of progress. There is a lot of in companies that feel they have tried everything and failed to crack the issue. Most havent even really started yet. Another mistake is putting gender under the diversity umbrella referring to gender balance as a diversity issue. Within companies diversity efforts and many affinity groups and employee networks there is usually one aimed at women despite the fact that women constitute 50 per cent of every other dimension of diversity. This is an effective way of keeping woman what they are not one minority among many to be managed. This may have seemed logical in the 1980s when women were actually a minority in the business world. But now that women have become the majority of the educated talent the world over and the majority of many companies customers is it logical to refer to them as a diversity dimension at all They are your future. 60Talent 80Market Women as diversity Who is calling who diverse So... Do your Leaders get it Do they And can they it Gender Bilingual The management competency that equips all managers male and female to understand the differences between genders in order to be able to effectively recruit retain and develop 100 of the talent pool and to be able to understand connect and communicate with 100 of customers end-users and stakeholders. Are they Gender Bilingual Gender Balance The balance of men and women that reflects the available talent pool for an organisation and sustainably supports its strategic objectives. As one CEO told us Not necessarily 5050 but closer to 5050 than to 8515. Communicating that you are after balance rather than promoting women into leadership is one of the easiest ways we know to get the guys on-board. A small step in communications a huge step in the perception of almost everyone. Fluent in the language and cultures of both women and men Bilingual Marketing Sales and marketing approaches that connect equally effectively with both male and female customers and end-users. An example would be the iphone a bilingual product whose mass customer base is made up of men and women in equal measure. This in contrast to the pink phones that telecoms operators produced for what they considered the womens segment. Gender Asbestos A metaphor to describe the reality in most companies. The ratio of women relative to men begins to drop relatively early on in careers creating a gender imbalance in senior management and leadership. This differs from the more commonly used term glass ceiling which gives the impression that women only face obstacles at the top of organisations. This misperception affects the policies put into place to remedy it. Critical Mass The level at which any minority is no longer seen as one usually considered to be somewhere around 30. In companies therefore it is better to have at least 30 of either gender across all functions and levels rather than having 80 women in staff functions and 80 men in operational roles. Gender Neutrality The ability to make all communications and policies inside organisations inclusive of all men and women without focusing particularly on one gender or the other which often creates a backlash. So for example replacing maternity issues with parental issues and worklife balance for women with flexibility for all... In other words allow men to be human too. The fastest way to get women into leadership is to enable men to have personal lives. Now that would really be leveling the playing field. success There is only one key to Leadership Leadership Leadership Leadership Leadership Leadership Its worth repeating Have you prepared your Leaders Culture and Systems for 21st century talent and markets Simple Steps to Start 1 Recognise the Business Opportunity 2 Shift the Culture Focus on Your Majority Just remember Make it a business imperative all about customers talent and opportunity Focus on leaders not on women equip them with the strategic understanding and management skills to work across genders 3 Get the Systems to Match Want to keep going Read 7 Steps to Leading a Gender Balanced Business tapthebenefitsofbalance... GO ON Author Avivah Wittenberg-Cox Designer Wayne Ford